How to set ringtones for iPhone with iTunes simple and fast

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Change the default ringtones on your iPhone with unique and new music. Today's article will show you how to set ringtones for iPhone using iTunes simply and quickly. Let's get started!

Instructions on how to set ringtones for iPhone
After downloading iTunes to your computer, follow these steps to install iphone ringtone for iPhone on your computer:

Step 1: Download the music file to your computer (iTunes accepts formats such as: mp3, mp2, m4a, wav). Then open the Songs folder on iTunes Drag and drop music files here.

Step 2: Because the iPhone's ringtone only allows music for less than 30 seconds, we need to cut the music file short. First right-click on the song you want to cut Select Song Info Select the Options tab In turn, tick start - enter the start time, stop - enter the end time Click OK.

Step 3: Open File Select Convert Select Create ACC Version to create the newly cut piece of music Right-click on the piece of music Select Show in Windows Explorer to open the folder containing the ringtone file.

Step 4: The iPhone ringtone has the m4r extension, so we need to change the music file extension by right-clicking on the piece of music Select Rename Change the file extension to "m4r" Select Yes to execute.

Step 5: Connect iPhone to the computer with a cable Open Tones in your iPhone Drag and drop the newly created music file Right-click on Tones again Click Sync to finish.

Step 6: Turn on your iPhone, tap Settings Select Sound and Touch.

Step 7: Click on Ringtones Here you will see the name of the newly created ringtone (For example in the article is "My ringtone(1)") Click on the ringtone name to select it as ringtone your phone.