Domestic sex toys basically have no brand concept

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Domestic sex toys basically have no brand concept

Lifelike Sex Dolls Market Analysis

Of course, lifelike sex dolls can bring comfort to single men and women, and can also create more happiness for their partners, but how much do you know about the sex toy industry, in fact, I don't know, so let's see how the gods Say!

I have always believed that the taste of life cannot be used with "sex", but to express the taste of life with "sex". If you want to enter the porn industry, first learn to distinguish between pornography and pornography. Although a lot of people in the industry think they're having sex, they're actually doing porn. As a wild sex tester who has been in the sex industry for five years, and now the marketing director of a sex social internet company, as far as the sex industry is concerned, I want to answer this question very, very objectively.

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What you did, foreigners played well, aircraft cups filled with wine, electric hip climbing ladders, sex toys, and cross-border art exhibitions (the picture size is too large, there is no mosaic, so I will not put them), and you will also design some spoofs. mini sex dollare for you to poke fun at, like the proverbial Jiebao lipsticks, JJ straws, ice trays (pictured below), and hobby toys for people with disabilities (and the conscience of the industry).
So what do you think of these friends who are "playing the city" abroad?

1. From an industry perspective
Foreign sex industry is relatively mature, such as the United States, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Sweden, Japan, South Korea.
Their silicone doll industry has truly become industrialized . From product design, production, packaging, promotion to brand building, to brand culture, there is enough open space and market support to match the derivatives of various sexual cultures and subcultures. .

Many companies are focusing on product development and intensive cultivation in one area. DocJohnson is good at pouring, CEN is good at vibrator material, FunFactory is dedicated to ergonomic product design, genmu only researches aircraft cups.
These companies have a high status in a certain field, and many companies even set up cultural companies, cultivate their own brand companies or train exclusive actresses for product promotion.

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It even comes from brand concept, scientific research (experimental base, material research and development, mechanical power, simulation or human experiment), film and television (adult film, or model), media (advertising, brand design, exhibition, tourism, peripherals), etc. etc .

Looking back at the domestic Silicone sex Doll industry, the earliest domestic sex toy manufacturers have been enthusiasts for more than 20 years (I think it should have been more than 40 years outside of China), but listening to seniors say that the development of these two decades is a history of blood and tears ( Involving sensitive issues, not much to say).
Domestic sex toys basically have no brand concept. OEM and consignment sales are still the mainstream. With the value of the surplus labor, they start to imitate (copy) and sell through agents. After Taobao, sex toy manufacturers seem to have found a new world, and the sex industry has begun to enter the e-commerce model. This is a new turning point for the sex industry, and a hard one.

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It is conservatively estimated that the current consumer market for sex toys has room for nearly 100 billion. Although condoms account for a large proportion , the male sex doll market is not blank . Judging from the sales of Taobao mini sex dolls over the years, the buyers are between 15 and 26 years old, and most of them are men. They are shocking, but there are traces to follow. People who come into contact with the Internet are getting younger and younger, and male-dominated society is naturally male-dominated.

But why the e-commerce era is the tragic fate of the domestic porn industry. A few years ago, the unit price of hot-selling sex toys on Taobao was no more than 50! Changjia struggled desperately on price, with no room for a premium and no entry into the market. The real core consumption power, manufacturers are lingering on the survival line, how many will consider using the brand as a premium? Dare to use a good doll, dare not hire a designer, dare not update the style, dare to set foot in the field but not deep enough, this is the drawback of this industry.
More and more foreign goods come in. A few years ago, the famous lelo of the adult exhibition was Swedish, the wildone of the classic gun shield PK was Japanese, KOKOS was Korean, and funfactory was German.

But they were too optimistic. Due to the high price of foreign products , they are not popular with ordinary consumers . When people still buy 50-100 Japanese sex doll on Taobao, a vibrating egg costs several thousand yuan, which is incomprehensible. This is also the domestic market. One of the problems that sex toys can't be high-end (quality and brand).
The industry and the brand are in a symbiotic relationship. At the beginning of the brand's establishment, there were many sacrifices. And the environment for the domestic sex industry is uncivilized . This is because people tend to confuse "sex" with "pornography". Since they're not clear, they're just regulated. This is one of the reasons why the domestic sex industry cannot develop .

In the early days, domestic production and sales of sex toys were imprisoned for "spreading obscene materials". Today, domestic male sex dolls are still in a state of no policy support, no regulatory agencies, no industry standards, and no industry associations. Many products imported directly from abroad require customs clearance . It can only be said that the full name of "medical equipment" and "adult exhibition" is "China International Adult Health and Reproductive Health Exhibition". I always feel like an old army doctor every time I say I'm in the sex industry!

Okay, I've seen a bunch of Lorry stuff, and back to the question. The domestic market does not have the energy and fun to study those "playing in the city" things, and make a "toy that can be sold to any market. Everyone should know how awesome I am. A product that has "become popular on the Internet and sells the world's No. 1 toy". one. "This is the concept of promotion and play? Consumers solve it by themselves, production is just for you!
Therefore, foreigners "can play" because they have fun.

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