Lifelike sex dolls and corporate white-collar workers

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A female friend who has studied the sociology of sex told me that many women around her are quietly using "female Big Boobs Sex Doll"

Lifelike sex dolls and corporate white-collar workers

White-collar women? Yes. A female friend who has studied the sociology of sex told me that many women around her are quietly using "female Big Boobs Sex Doll". According to friends who have used it, she said, the lifelike sex dolls can provide a near-perfect experience because it is so fast and for so long that a real person can't match it.

This news made me tremble, but what puzzled me was that they, "the tremor family", why do they have to compare the physical performance of human beings with machines? Tremors, even if they can be "overclocked", can Do you want to communicate with them? Even if you add the MP3 function to the Chinese sex doll and have a real voice, it can't replace the foreplay and foreplay!

Women are always looking for love

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As a man, you still have to face reality. It is imperative to unravel the deep psychology of women's use of flat chested sex doll. Sex experts pointed out that if there is no restraint of civilization, women, from an individual point of view, have far more opportunities to obtain sexual satisfaction than men. This is also very obvious.

Why women like silicone sex dolls

We know that sex was originally not suitable for "Le Lele alone", but suitable for "Le Lele with others". But any natural and normal love between men and women is bound to be accompanied by emotional exchanges. In "silicone sex dolls" hosted by Mr. Zhao Zhongxiang, there are occasional scenes of animals seeking love, but to the audience, such scenes have no beauty and are disgusting. Why? Because animals don't understand customs, they only know how to go straight.

Men also like to go straight. Jia Rui in "A Dream of Red Mansions" was infected with lovesickness. When he saw a person in the little black room, he couldn't tell if it was Sister Feng. But this is not the case with women, women care more about emotions. Even women like Su Xiaoxiao and Liu Ru are no exception. Qian Qianyi, who was over sixty years old, said to Liu Rushi: I love you for your black head and white flesh. Liu A: I love you white and black. What is there to love with white head and black meat? Liu pays more attention to spirit and emotion.


Women are reluctant to have loveless sex

Precisely because women are more emotionally minded, when desire strikes, they refuse to find a random man to solve the problem. It is better to rely on machinery, fake Phoenix and virtual phoenix, rather than false feelings and make a sudden peace. That's why tremors are quietly gaining popularity on a small scale. For men, introspection is the right way. Of course, those women who are addicted to brief tremors should also be alert. Although true love is as rare as an oasis in the desert, don't forget that there are still tireless camel bells in this world.

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