Ideal gear would be Nex armours and chaotics

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The most effective method is to use the cannon/steel titan/frem boot 4. The order they are killed depends on whether you want to kill Supreme and RS gold not. The easiest way to do this is to just alternate between Rex/Supreme on a 2k universe using cannons. You can also take a range Prime whenever you get moment while both Rex as well as Supreme will be dead. if not just let titan and cannon (and/or titan) kill Prime. Titan can be very accurate on Supreme but not as well on Rex. The Prime model isn't as strong to titan however not as much as Supreme.

Ideal gear would be Nex armours and chaotics, surgebox and arc stream when maging for the increased damage and Divine/Elysian/Chaotic/Drag defender for Supreme, depending on whether you're comfortable flashing soul split while Prime is on you or not.

A good portion of cannonballs will be wasted on Spinolyps, so lots of people choose not to utilize a cannon. However, it speeds it up significantly. It may also damage Rex and Supreme too.

If you're not planning to tank Supreme do not bring an armament cannon (or in the event that you do it, make sure to time your kills/placement so that it only hits Prime or Rex (or Prime dies before Supreme reappears and vice reverse)) First, you kill all three (or simply Prime and Supreme if Rex doesn't see you) while praying mage/turmoil. After Supreme is gone, you'll be able to get Prime to 1/4 or less HP (not too low or your Deflect magic can be destroyed, unless you're using normals for your Augury/Rigour, in which case get the level to 1/10, but make sure you don't kill it). Then , kill Rex and Prime promptly as soon as Rex goes to sleep, then head out and kill Supreme before repeating.

This is slower and, possibly, requires more planning and you're much more vulnerable to crashers messing up your spawns, but you shouldn't be taking any damages whatsoever, other than from Spinolyps and so for those who are new to rs gold 2007 the game, it's a good option particularly if acquainted with the kings' maximum hits and when to flash the soul split/etc.